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“Ada brings significant value to customer-centric businesses by accelerating responses to simple inquiries, delivering better first response times, and empowering human agents to prioritize the more complex issues.”
Astha Malik - VP of Platform, Zendesk
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Manage 3x as many inquiries with AI

Customer service inquiries have tripled in the last few weeks. Meanwhile, contact centers are closing down; websites are crashing and customer satisfaction is plummeting for organizations that don’t offer automation. While you work to get your site back online, Ada’s COVID-19 Relief Offering will be there to answer customer questions and provide personalized support.
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Ada + Zendesk

More Zendesk customers choose Ada versus any other chatbot. With Ada’s AI-powered, personalized chatbot platform, you lead with automation, thereby deflecting more than 80% of customer inquiries and boosting live agent productivity - delivering cost savings while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.
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Proactively help customers through this tough time

Loved ones need support, travellers need to come home, shoppers are panic buying, and essential goods are hard to find. With Ada, customer service is available 24/7, with a prompt greeting that acknowledges chatters' pains and provides supportive resources.
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In just 3 days, Ada can future-proof your support organization in the face of uncertainty. Book some time with us to get started.
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